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How to Overcome Obstacles to Your Goals

Hi there… I’m here to talk to you about how to overcome obstacles to your goals. Whatever your goal is, there are obstacles in the way. Many people see obstacles as the world being against them or that they’ve failed. Sometimes when we’re...

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How to Create Your Theme Word of the Year

Hi there… I’m here to talk to you about How to Create Your Theme Word of the Year. Studies show that of the 60% of people who make New Year Resolutions, only 6% stick to them. This means 94% of those people are failing to keep their...

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Are You Saying Yes to Life?

Are you saying yes to life? My guess is that 99% of you listening will answer the question to the title with of course I’m saying “yes” to life. Why wouldn’t I?But many of us, find ways to say “no” to experiences that deep down, we really...

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Five Ways to Keep Your Stress Levels Low

Are you feeling stressed and anxious? Have you spread yourself too thin? Are you often busy and not productive? People tend to believe that if their schedule is filled with doing it all then they’re being productive and effective. However,...

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How to Handle the Awkward Gap

In this video, I’ll talk about how to handle the awkward gap. It’s a place between who you are now and who you are becoming. The problem in this in-between space is that it’s scary, awkward, and messy. You feel that you don't know how to...

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How to Overcome ‘Should Statements’

How many times have you told yourself what you 'should’ do? I should lose weight. I should earn more money. I should be more confident. I should have called. This one word in particular, 'should', is so common it causes problems for all of...

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Five Ways You Can Raise Your Standards

If you want to change your life you have to raise your standards. -- Tony Robbins The quality of your life is a direct reflection of your current standards. There’s a misconception that you need money to raise your standards. However,...

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Raising Your Standards

A common theme when it comes to our standards, what we do is we look into the past and the way things have been and the way we have been and that becomes our standard. As a result, many people keep creating the same results over and over...

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Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson

Transformational Life Coach and Founder

Wendy inspires and empowers her clients to lead a Vision-Driven Life.  Her passion is teaching clients to become the best version of themselves, unlock their true potential, achieve extraordiary success, and live a life they LOVE living.


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