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I’m Wendy. It’s wonderful to meet you!

Are you struggling to move forward with your dreams and goals?

I’m a life coach for women and am passionate about helping them to reimagine their dreams and live creative and bold lives by changing how they show up and see themselves.

In working with women who want more out of life, I found one thing that is clear:

If you want to create a life that’s even better, set and achieve big goals, and have more confidence and joy, then you must think and act differently.

After completely changing my own life with coaching, I knew that my purpose was to empower and educate other women with support, inspiration, and transformational tools.

Nothing excites me more than a woman seeing herself as extraordinary because I know her possibilities are endless.

xo, Wendy 


Wendy Johnson,  Life coach, Educator, and CEO.

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Are you ready to expand how you see yourself and as a result elevate the quality of your life?

Life Coaching Made Easy

Online coaching for women who want to bring their dreams to life.  Who do you want to be as a woman?  In the coaching membership, More You, we embody change by how we show up, the daily choices we make, and the thoughts we think.  We set extraordinary goals and take action because we know we want to feel better and believe we have the power within us to create whatever our heart desires. 

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Years ago, I hid behind my self-limiting beliefs and fears…


I poured my energy into the roles of being a mom, spouse, friend, and homemaker all the while taking care of others before myself.  My dreams faded, along with my confidence, self-worth, and joy.  I forgot who I was and what I wanted and found myself stuck and desiring more. I was good at practicing my people-pleasing and perfectionism skills which left me feeling like I was not enough and seeking validation outside of me to be liked and approved of by my peers.  

And then I decided it was time to Ask for help…

In 2014, I sought out a life coach to help me reimagine and create new dreams.  I wanted to believe in myself, have confidence, and feel more aliveness in my day-to-day life.  I knew there was more for me but I didn’t know what I wanted.  I was tired of recreating the same stories in my head that I was too old, behind, and confused after neglecting my dreams for so long. 

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And that’s when I had an idea and decided to do this…

Little by little, I began to step into a new way of being and showing up and putting myself out there to be judged and not liked.  I gave up parts of myself that were holding me back and I decided to try on being brave and courageous going after one dream after another.  I allowed myself to love more and faced my fears and limiting beliefs all the while knowing I had the power within me to enjoy the next season of my life with confidence, joy, and purpose.

And one day, I achieved this…

It’s all true!

01Passionately pursuing a life coach certification and building a successful coaching business. 

02Effortlessly, dropping 13 pounds, and feeling better physically and emotionally.

03Meeting the love of my life and experiencing a deep connection of intimacy and love. 

04Being intentional and purposeful in my thinking, being, and doing in every moment.

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that’s my story

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