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The stuff dreams are made of

In the More You program, our mission is to show up on purpose. We practice showing up as the woman we want to be.  Here’s the thing, you get good at what you practice, which means it might feel a little foreign at first, but over time, it will become who you are.

And, to create new dreams, you must practice new thoughts, emotions, and ways of being.  By intentionally shaping your mindset, self-image, and environment you will cultivate yourself into the woman you came here to be with the support of coaching, courses, and community.

When you see yourself differently, the world reflects it back to you. Why not BE extraordinary?  Your future self will thank you.


How the rest of your story unfolds is up to you…and you don’t have to write it alone.

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Take a look around!

Accelerate your way to being the extraordinary woman you truly are! 

(Let me introduce you to her)


Support, structure, and expert-level tools to support you in staying true to your vision.


Learn how to step into a whole new you and reclaim your purpose and passion.


Immerse yourself in the love and support of your fellow amazing sisterhood.

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What would your life be like if you truly saw yourself as extraordinary?

Grab a coffee (or wine)

Imagine the goals you’d set, the money you’d make, the relationships you’d have, the jobs you’d go after, the joy you’d experience, and the well-being you’d create.

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It’s all so easy when you know what to do

So grab some coffee and read on 

straight talk – made with love

Join me and your amazing smart sisters (with your drink of choice)


If you know you want more, I invite you to reconnect with your passion and purpose, create what you really want, take aligned action, and learn to coach yourself through fear, change, and failure.  All the while you’d be having fun and enjoying living your life more fully expressed.

Tailor made for you


Programs to empower women just like you to up level their mindset, self-image, and environment, set and achieve extraordinary goals, expand into life, and create on purpose the life you dream of.

You don’t have to do it alone


A safe space to connect and grow alongside other soulful women.  From sharing stories and experiences to comparing ideas and perspectives in an engaging atmosphere of encouragement and vulnerability.

the mindset makeover

Mantras to Create an Extraordinary Mind

You’re in for a treat!

An empowered woman creates herself.  She focuses on solutions.  She knows she’s enough.  She shows up on purpose in her mindset, self-image, and environment.  She gets good at what she practices so why not practice reminding herself who she’s being.

Ready to be the extraordinary woman you truly are?

the Frequently asked Q's

Questions you may have about joining the More You Membership.

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How does the membership work?

The More You is a subscription service that offers monthly subscriptions or annual subscriptions. As long as you’re a member, you will have access to all classes, coaching, and other benefits.

For monthly subscriptions, you will be billed every 30 days. For annual subscriptions, you will be billed again every 365 days. You can cancel at any time before your next billing date and will continue to have access until the end of your billing cycle. Once you cancel, you lose access to your membership.

However, after experiencing what’s inside, we think you’ll want to stick around for a while.

I’ve taken your other programs, how is this different?

This program is designed to help you elevate your life by working on three main areas: Mindset, Self-Image, and Environment.

Our programs have focused mostly on the mindset piece (which will always be at the core of what we teach), but I have come to realize that women need support in the other critical areas as well.

Many coaches only focus on mindset but in my experience over the years, self-image and environment are playing a major role in how we see ourselves, which impacts how we show up in the world.

How much time is involved?

The wonderful thing is that as long as you are a member, you will have ongoing access. So you can spend as little or as much time as you need.

The monthly calls are scheduled and recorded, so you can make room in your calendar for those in advance, but recordings are always available for you to watch at your convenience.

But remember: the real shifts occur when you’re out living your life and applying what you’re learning.

Is the program worth $97/month?

If you know deep down that you need to transform how you see yourself you will not find another program out there that focuses on elevating your life at this investment.

Wendy has taken a decade worth of studying, coaching, and real-life experiences and created a comprehensive membership program that creates massive transformation.

When you think about what you spend $100/month on, joining More You is one of the greatest investments you could make in yourself.

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I really like who I am. Is this the program for me?

Of course!  In fact, you are one step ahead, because you must first accept yourself in order to change yourself.

However, if you’ve struggled to reach goals and create lasting change, elevating your self-image is key.  Plus, extraordinary women are always wanting to evolve, because they know that they only have this one life and they want to see what’s possible.

I like my environment. Is this program for me?

Remember, it’s not just about the physical space of your environment; it’s how you show up in the world.  At More You, we are always looking for ways to grow and show up even more powerfully in different environments.

I’m out of the country. How do I access calls?

Each zoom call has international numbers you can use to call in. We do encourage you to join from your computer or with the Zoom phone app for the best experience.

Is the Facebook group private?

Yes, the Facebook group is private. Only ladies who are active members of More You are in the group. We have group rules making sure all our ladies are kind & supportive. You are in a fun & safe place! 🥰

the Reviews from real people

Amy Colton

Prior to this program, I was stuck in my life.  I wasn’t happy and didn’t have any big goals I was working towards and I woke up every day responding to what was happening to me in my life.  Thank you for teaching me how to design a life I love living where I jump out of bed and say, ” I love my life!”.

Lily Gold

“Wendy is the best coach ever. Teaching us to create a goal and accept that it may shift us a little bit and to not be overly attached to the outcome was a major breakthrough for me.

I am so aware of my thoughts, actions, and embodying my future self now and this has made a tremendous impact on my life. Thank you, Wendy”

Courtney Jo

Wendy is an exceptional coach.  She truly changed my life.  Before I met her, I had lost my way while I was busy taking care of my family’s needs.  Wendy’s programs opened the door of a world of possibilities for me.  She provided me with the tools of self-discovery and self-love…and before I knew it, I transformed into the confident and happy woman I am today.  Wendy encouraged and believed in me when I didn’t and I’m eternally grateful to her and her coaching.


Then there is all of this

Yeah, we offer a LOT!

straight talk – made with love

10 Principles Opt-In

The Ten Principles to Design A Life You Love

In this guide, I help you gain clarity on your dreams so you can live the life you want and jumpstart the results you want to see. To make any change, you need to go deeper into the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take.  It’s my intention to inspire and give you a nudge to reflect on your life and build big dreams.  

Stay On Track

Your extraordinary life is beckoning you. Are you listening?  Do you know your purpose and vision for your life?  If not, grab your guide to help you discover them here.  Also, you’ll get to clarify your values, legacy, and top three goals.  I’ve got you!

Stay on Track Opt-In
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