What Happy Clients are Saying about Coaching with Wendy

I admit that I didn’t think I needed life coaching…my life seemed pretty good in spite of some hard knocks and my advanced years. At first I was even resistant to homework, often only completing tasks so that I wouldn’t disappoint Wendy; but it got easier in time and besides, I really enjoyed my conversations with her! As the weeks passed, I noticed that I was making progress in areas of my life that I didn’t realize had been impeding my health and happiness. I began to acquire skills and habits that led to a more positive outlook on life; had that not happened, I’m not sure how I would have survived the political chaos of the past year! I also began putting more energy toward actively participating in life and in my relationships with others. I learned to pay attention to those little “nudges” and to act on them rather than putting them aside…my new motto, “Why not?”, still brings a smile to my face as well as more fun to my life. With greater self-awareness, I now listen more carefully to my self-talk and am able to toss aside those limiting beliefs I’ve held since childhood. Lifting such burdens has made a surprisingly big difference: my life has gone from “pretty good” to “pretty great!” I’ll be the first to admit that I benefited from life coaching.
Wendy, I am so grateful for your wisdom, compassion, and wonderful listening ear. Thank you for guiding me through a well-crafted process that provided me with effective tools for living a more fulfilling life. I wholeheartedly recommend your coaching services to others.
Linda C.

Retiree, Salem, Oregon

I met Wendy at a networking event in downtown San Diego. I was going through a very challenging time in my life, an unexpected divorce along with a feeling of being stressed and stuck in my life. I set up an initial phone call with her and felt comforted and acknowledged and knew I wanted to give her coaching a try. I looked forward to our weekly calls. She was very knowledgable and inspirational and helped me see some old patterns that were holding me back. After several weeks, I was feeling more confident and courageous to move through the enormous change in my life. I was sleeping better and worrying less. I quit having anxiety attacks. I even lost a few pounds and was feeling better about myself. I was learning to see and focus on the possibilities of where I could take my life. She guided me through the process of creating a vision and taking small steps towards things I thought I could never do. I spent time focusing on me and my dreams for the first time in my life. I highly recommend Wendy if you want to improve your life, find direction and have a motivating accountability partner. Wendy believed in me when I didn’t believe in my self.
Rachel B.

Divorcee, Mission Valley, California

The 12-week Dream builder program I completed this summer was very motivational for me after a rough freshman year of college I had undergone. I had many doubtful thoughts about my future when I received my grades in May of 2016 and I felt I needed to regain confidence in myself. However, despite my eagerness to move past my struggles I didn’t fully engage myself in the program at the start as I didn’t know what it would truly provide for me. Once I had been participating in it for about one month I finally began to notice it’s effects on me. The most profound effects were my increased desire to accomplish even the smallest of tasks and an increased happiness. I found myself waking up over the summer excited for what each day would bring for me. Since completing this course I have been able to better myself financially by discovering the perfect jobs for myself. Taking a year off of school and learning more about myself has been an important decision I have made upon completing the program as well. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has experienced hardships in any aspects of life with which change is desired. Change comes from within.
Greg J.

College Student, Boulder, Colorado

I took Wendy’s Dream Builder course last year through the ideas and work outlined in the course and I have been able to achieve a life-long dream. I have built a cabin home in the mountains and shortly will be moving to it. I would not have thought this was possible without the course and Wendy’s direction during the course. It helped in formulating new ideas on how to achieve what you want in the future.
Allen I.

Retiree, St. Regis, Montana

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