Many of us struggle to make decisions every day.  We can’t figure out simple decisions like what to wear on our date, what to order from the menu, or what movie to watch at the theatre.  

This week, I was filling out an application to become a Chamber of Commerce member and the representative said she was impressed that I had completed all the questions because many people don’t.  She mentioned she had a stack of applications and had to follow up with people who said they didn’t know how to respond to some of the questions. 

The trick question that stumps people is this:  Write a 25 Word Description of Your Business.  I wrote, “We empower people who are stuck in fear and frustration to get back on track to a life they love living with purpose, joy, and confidence.”  Exactly 25 words. 

I felt a big win and was proud of myself for working on my decision-making skills.   I spent a better part of my life holding off making decisions and waiting for the right time.  Years went by and I was slowly losing confidence in myself every time I chose to wait another day or another year to finally get around to deciding what to do.

I believe we have an epidemic of people who are stuck in not making decisions.  Unfortunately, the inability to decide begins at a young age when parents are making decisions for their children.  Parents, sometimes, continue making decisions for their grown-up children in college and into their 20’s and 30’s.  If we want to have a higher self-image and confidence in ourselves, we need to learn to navigate the conditions we’re facing by making our own decisions.

When you’re faced with a decision, it’s okay to feel like you don’t know all the answers, that’s normal. It can be easy to fall into the trap of indecision and tell yourself, “I don’t know what to do.” or “I don’t know how to do it.”.  But if you knew deep down in your heart, that you have the ability to act even in less-than-desirable circumstances or under stress, you would choose to decide quickly and firmly.

Maybe, you don’t have the resources or your circumstances are telling you that you can’t decide so you stay stuck.  “I don’t have the money.” or “I don’t have the time” is a big delay tactic to making a commitment to move forward.  Delay causes you to get stuck.  If you truly want to live a life you desire and be successful in every area of your life then you need to decide to begin making decisions for yourself right now. 

Here are some simple steps to being a better decision-maker:

1.)  Listen to your intuitive thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

2.)  Follow your heart and make the best decision possible.

3.)  Focus on your goal and achieve it regardless of circumstances.

There are several traits of a strong decision-maker;  these are the three most common:

1.)  A decision-maker has a strong self-image.  They practice being the image of the person they want to be.

2.)  A decision-maker is a proficient thinker.  They focus and think about what they want to happen.

3.)  A decision-maker is not afraid to fail.  Their failure is feedback to learn from and move on.

You will become a successful, empowered proficient thinker as you practice leaning in and making quick decisions.  The path of your life will change and you will experience the fullness of life in the here and now.

Make decisions for a great life!

For guidance in forming and making quick, effective decisions, contact me today!  Do you need support in discovering a vision and building your dreams and goals? In between my coaching and speaking schedule, I carve out a few strategy sessions each month. If you would like a complimentary strategy session (Value = $250), simply contact me here or email me at

As a certified Life Coach, Wendy Johnson empowers people to live a life they love.  If you are feeling stuck in fear and frustration, she can help you get back on track during a stressful life transition and create a life you love where you wake up every day with joy, purpose, and confidence.  Wendy is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought-after transformational coach.


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