Hi, this is Wendy Johnson here.  I’m passionate about YOU living your GREATEST life.

Today, I want to talk with you about what keeps you stuck in a particular area of your life for so long.

There’s a part of you that really does want to change and move forward and see some greater expanded results.  Yet there’s another part of you, me and all of us that really doesn’t want to see change, and wants to keep us right where we are.  That part of us will want to sabotage our conversation, but it doesn’t tell you, ‘I’m here to sabotage.’ 

What does that part of us do? 

First, in order to change your results, I want you to know it’s an Inside Out JOB – through changing your paradigms.

I’d like to share with you briefly what paradigms are, AND how you can change them.

First, what’s a paradigm?  Paradigms are a set of beliefs, feelings, and actions that shape our current results.  Just like gravity, they pull us towards the familiar.

How does a paradigm get there?  Our paradigms get installed kind of like how you install an operating system on your computer, but in our case, over months and years, through a series of life events.  We adopt our parent’s beliefs.  We adopt beliefs from our education, cultural upbringing, and also ‘impactful events’ that shape our beliefs, and all our beliefs ultimately become our paradigms.

How does a paradigm derail us?  Our paradigms show up in four different ways.

First, as a distraction.  You get distracted and don’t finish your project.  Second, as a delay.  You decide you’ll work on it later because you’re too busy and you think you’ll have more time in the future.  Third, as dissuasion.  You start to feel like you’ll never accomplish your goal so you talk yourself out of it.  And fourth, as a disaster.  You have a bit of a breakdown.

How do you change your paradigms?

There are only two ways to change them and your results:

First, through the proper structure of support like coaching which provides constant spaced time repetition of the NEW belief and positive result you want to install.

And the second way research has found is through experiencing a VERY strong emotional impact.  Unfortunately, it’s negative like an accident, illness, or divorce.  But a positive experience like having a baby can be a BIG paradigm shifter as well.

If it were easy to change on our own then we’d all just go and do it.  But that’s not what happens.  Most people who try on their own, venture out with the best intentions, and sometimes things do begin to open up, but very quickly they find themselves losing momentum, even sabotaging their own progress and sliding back into old patterns.  On our own, without the right tools and structure of support, we cannot see our subconscious blocks.  

If you notice a gap from where you are to where you’d really love to be and you’re willing to have the right structure of support and coaching to help you achieve the results you ultimately desire, let’s schedule a complimentary strategy call.  I do know a precise, predictable, repeatable system for creating REAL RESULTS that helps you think in a new way in alignment with your VISION.  With me as your coach, you will see successful transformation in a short time with ease and fun.  Let’s get you going…

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Thanks again for watching.

Here’s to a life YOU love living…


P.S.  If you’re not seeing the results you want and would like to have a mentor in your life, please book your complimentary strategy session with Wendy here.

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