In this video, I’ll be covering three tools on how to set and achieve goals for 2021 to make this the year you change your life.

The problem is most people have vague goals that don’t support their purpose and values. These vague goals produce vague results you don’t want and not what you want.

For any area of your life where you want to make a change or acquire something you want to have, I recommend you use these three tools:

  1. Give yourself permission to dream big

2. Think about the end in mind

3. Write compelling crystal clear words

This video is for you if you find any one of the following to be true:

You’re thinking I can’t live my purpose of why I’m here and what I want, given my situation.

You are uncomfortable when asked what you really want.

You’re accepting, tolerating, or settling for an ordinary life when you could really have an extraordinary life.

Remember, you have an innate right to dream and pursue whatever you want.

To help you out I’ve created a guide called The 10 Principles to Design a Life You Love that will walk you through the steps to clarify your dreams and goals. Get your free guide here!

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