There was a study done recently at Harvard called the Zero Point study that was a ten-year study on genius.

Genius capacity is demonstrated by certain individuals that bring forth great ideas, transformational thinking, movement, social change, and innovative ideas that transform and transpose us to a whole new height of living. 

What is this capacity? 

The researchers began to define genius as the number of modalities with which one takes in information, synthesizes that information, and makes use of it. 

So you and I have many modalities with which we can take in information — auditorily, visually, kinesthetically, intuitively, etc.

But what they discovered was that 99% of babies—99% of you and me–operate at a genius capacity during the first eighteen months of life.

By the time we are five, only 22% of us are still operating at our genius capacity. 

By the time we are twenty only 2% of us are still operating at a genius capacity. 

What happens to us? 

What they discovered in their research is that the shutting down of our capacities; the distancing of ourselves from our Genius Self happens through the learned voice of internal judgment. 

We begin to doubt ourselves. We begin to question ourselves. We begin to look into other peoples’ eyes for who we are; for approval; for permission. 

You have genius capacities in you.  Today, connect to that genius.  Trust your genius, and believe in the power of your dreams.

To Your Genius Self!

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