Are you saying yes to life?

My guess is that 99% of you listening will answer the question to the title with of course I’m saying “yes” to life. Why wouldn’t I?
But many of us, find ways to say “no” to experiences that deep down, we really want to have.

Our brains are so good at coming up with reasons why we can’t do things. Our brains like to keep us stuck in the familiar.
So expect when amazing opportunities present themselves, your first instinct is to say “no”.

In this video, I’m talking about why the word “yes” is the key to breaking the response of saying “no”. I’ll talk about how you can identify the experiences you’d love to say “yes” to rather “no”.

To have more clarity and say “yes” to life, I’ve created a free guide called The 10 Principles to Design a Life You Love.

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