Hi there… I’m here to talk to you about How to Create Your Theme Word of the Year.

Studies show that of the 60% of people who make New Year Resolutions, only 6% stick to them. This means 94% of those people are failing to keep their commitments. Year after year, excitement, hope, and commitment quickly turn to frustration, shame, and broken promises.
Are you curious about what the successful 6% are doing?

In this video, I’ll share with you what they’re doing differently and how to create your theme word of the year to get you started on the right track.

I’ll be covering the following:
1: The framework of the theme word-of-the-year
2: Begin with the end in mind
3: The Be-ing Model

To help you out I’ve created a free guide called The 10 Principles to Design a Life You Love that will give you the clarity and focus on your dreams and goals.

Grab your copy at http://bit.ly/3p4vdlW

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