In this video, I’m talking about how to have a growth mindset as an adult. It is the deciding factor in how your future will play out.

The struggle with many people is they think having to grow means that there’s something wrong with them and they’re weak or broken. But having a growth mindset when you’re an adult isn’t about fixing something.

The shift to a growth mindset is key to facing your challenges and changing your results. It’s about growing and taking your life to the next level. It’s about planning your future and taking action on your goals.

I’m sharing three behaviors that will help you to shift to a growth mindset as an adult.

1. Be open and willing to change
2. Learn new skills
3. Believe in yourself

For further ways to create a growth mindset, Iโ€™ve created a guide called The 10 Principles to Design a Life You Love that will give you clarity on your dreams and goals.

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