Hi, this is Wendy Johnson here.  I’m passionate about YOU living your GREATEST life.

Today, I want to talk with you about a growth mindset and recognizing discouragement when you’re not seeing immediate results with your goals.

First, I want to share with you a parable story about a slow-growing type of Chinese Bamboo plant.  If the plant is carefully nurtured with water, fertilizer, and sunshine, the bamboo grows two inches the first year, two inches the second year, two inches the third year, and two inches the fourth year.  But in the fifth year, it shoots up 80 feet.  

What actually grew only two inches above ground every year was actually developing a deep root system called a Rhison layer.  The importance of underground growth is to support the bamboo when it does shoot up 80 feet into the air.  The bamboo is strong and stable enough to be able to handle and survive the challenges of the elements.

How is this parable story about the growth mindset important to you and your goals?  Sometimes you only see a little bit of growth on the outside with meeting your goals and you’re not seeing the growth that is going on inside of you. Often times the growing stage is unrewarding, slow, and arduous.  When it appears as if there are no visible signs of development, it’s easy to feel frustrated and you may decide to give up on your dream.

But sticking to your goal, keeping the seed of your vision planted while watering and nurturing your dream, trust, and allowing you are developing your own Rhison layer to be able to handle the conditions that arise.  

Your fears, doubts, and worries are like weeds and they’re capable of choking out your dream if you let them.  

So if you’re going to be successful, you will need to be consistent and persistent in pursuing your dreams.  Continue to remind yourself that this is what it looks like while you’re growing.  You are developing a strong character and growth mindset to withstand not seeing immediate change.

Feed your faith and starve your fear by keeping your attention on your vision and taking that next step that is apparent to you. 

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Here’s to your growth mindset…


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