The journey to success is often paved with the power of consistency. Whether you’re pursuing a fitness goal, saving for a significant purchase, or striving to quit a bad habit, consistency is the key that unlocks the door to achievement. In this episode of the Extraordinary Everyday podcast, Wendy Johnson, a certified life coach, explores the five secrets to achieving consistency in life.

The first secret is focusing on your ‘why’.

To stay consistent over the long term, you need a clear and purposeful vision of what you’re trying to achieve and an understanding of why you want to achieve it. A strong ‘why’ fuels your motivation, providing a steady stream of energy to keep you going even when the going gets tough. This might be getting in shape for a seasonal hobby or saving for something significant and personal to you. Remembering your ‘why’ can help you stay on track when the allure of short-term gratification tries to sway you from your path.

The second secret to achieving consistency is choosing your goal.

Not just any goal, but a single, clear, and tangible goal. According to Wendy, we have a limited capacity with our willpower and discipline. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick one thing and stick with it until you’ve accomplished it and made it a habit. Trying to juggle multiple goals at once can lead to burnout, making it harder to stay consistent.

The third secret is prioritizing your goal.

This means building your life around your goal, rather than trying to fit it in around other things. When you prioritize your goal, you are making a conscious decision to make it a non-negotiable part of your life. This commitment to your goal will keep you focused and disciplined, paving the way for consistency.

The fourth secret to consistency is learning not to react to your feelings.

There will be times when you don’t feel like working towards your goal. There will be times when you’re tired, demotivated, or simply not in the mood. However, consistency requires you to override these feelings and keep moving forward. It’s about feeling your feelings and doing it anyway.

The fifth and final secret is getting back on the wagon as soon as possible if you fall off.

Nobody’s perfect, and we all have times when we don’t show up for ourselves. However, it’s crucial to get back on track as soon as possible. Don’t let a single mistake or setback derail your progress. Instead, use it as a learning experience and an opportunity to strengthen your resolve.

The journey to consistency is a journey of self-discovery, self-discipline, and self-improvement. It’s about setting a goal, prioritizing it, and staying focused and committed, regardless of the obstacles that come your way. It’s about embracing your imperfections, learning from your mistakes, and always striving to be better. In the end, the power of consistency lies not just in achieving your goals, but also in the person you become along the way.

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