In this video, I share five tips to make your new habits last for life.


Is there a positive habit you want in your life that you can’t stick to for long?

You maintain that habit for a week or two and soon things begin to fall apart.

You can decide to get up earlier, go to bed earlier, study more hours, get in better shape, or work on your side hustle after work. But keeping impulsive resolutions and staying committed and consistent is not an easy task.

To help you, I’m sharing Five Tips to Make Your New Habits Last for Life.

  1. Pick realistic habits
  2. Progressive changes
  3. Get ‘habit building’ buddy
  4. Have a plan
  5. Focus on the reward

There you have it. The five tips to make your new habits last for life.

What one new positive habit are you building that you want to stick to? I’d love to hear from you!

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