Is there something you really want to do but haven’t done yet? Or, do you want to make progress on the tasks you’ve been putting off?

Today, I want to talk to you about eliminating procrastination and working with your mind and energy to accomplish what you want to so you can be consistent with your progress.

As you may have experienced, procrastination can bring about feelings of guilt about the past and the things you didn’t get done and anxiety about your future for things you have to do. Often, these feelings of failure will sabotage even your best intentions.

So consider for a moment what stops you in your tracks and why you hesitate or procrastinate on doing something. Most likely, it’s because you feel it’s too big or too scary and unpleasant.  

Also, you have to ask yourself if you made it important enough to get done. If you haven’t made it a priority by placing focus and attention on it then it’s not going to be accomplished.  

If your task seems daunting to you then your attention goes there. If the task isn’t important enough to you, you’ll think of the things that are more important and your attention and energy will go there.

Here are four crucial steps to help you eliminate procrastination and reap huge rewards of success in the future.


If you’re going to do something you really don’t want to do then you have to place your focused attention there. If you set a schedule with tasks and a deadline then you can place your attention there.  Where attention goes, that’s where energy flows.


You have to create a personal interest in it. What aspect of the task do you find enjoyable or appealing? See if you can find something that piques your interest and gets you excited so you can keep that in forefront of your task.


Fuel the desire to pursue the interest. How can you bring more passion and joy into taking action with this goal?  How can you remain engaged and focused on the positive outcome of your future result? 


Take action and be fully engaged and present with the activity.

Feel how taking action creates a pleasurable effect on your body and mind. Place all your senses in the experience of the action and see the accomplishment played out in the future.

Now look back on what happened to you to get there and see all the steps you’ll take to arrive at your future goal.

The more you practice learning in then the easier it will be to not hesitate and think about it.

Successful people will find a way to do things to motivate themselves to accomplish tasks. They don’t like to do them but they’ve made a habit of doing it by continually strengthening their willpower and finding the energy to complete them. 

Most importantly, remember there’s a learning curve and you have to do the activity to become good at it.

And to keep the inspiration going, take the time in between tasks to celebrate each small win along the way to your goal!

To your future success!


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As a certified Life Coach, Wendy Johnson helps people who are feeling stuck in frustration get back on track and create a life they love where they wake up every day with joy, purpose, and confidence. She’s passionate about teaching clients to unlock their true potential, achieve success, and live a life they love living. Wendy is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought-after transformational coach.

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