Do you want more abundance and happiness in your life?

Would you believe the number one habit is to have an attitude of gratitude?

The truth is when you give thanks and gratitude on a daily basis, you actually open yourself up to more opportunities for abundance, freedom, success, and happiness in all areas of your life.

I know being grateful isn’t always easy when things aren’t going well.  However, if you express gratitude for what you have right now, at this moment, you open yourself up to a more positive experience of an unfavorable situation.

Ask yourself, “Do I give thanks on a daily basis even when life is especially challenging and things aren’t going my way?”

Gratitude places us in a state of expectancy.  Wallace Wattles wrote in the Science of Getting Rich, “The grateful mind is constantly fixed on the best, therefore it tends to become the best, it takes the form or character of the best, and will receive the best. 

You are infinitely abundant and the universe does not withhold abundance from you.  The gap between who you are in essence and who you express yourself to be in your experience is in your thinking and self-limiting beliefs. 

Practicing gratitude can have an enormous transformative effect on your life and can lift you up from all the negative news and events happening in the world.  

Studies have shown there are a number of ways gratitude can improve your physical and psychological well-being.  

Here are 15 benefits of practicing gratitude:

#1.  Gratitude stirs up warm fuzzy feelings and other positive emotions. 

#2.  Gratitude increases your happiness.

#3.  Gratitude improves your mental health (reduces stress and depression). 

#4.  Gratitude strengthens your relationships.

#5.  Gratitude improves your sleep quality.

#6.  Gratitude increases your self-esteem.

#7.  Gratitude fosters empathy and compassion for others.

#8.  Gratitude helps you deal with adversity and traumatic events.

#9.  Gratitude increases your sense of purpose and joy.

#10.  Gratitude improves your physical health and vitality.

#11.  Gratitude fosters resilience.

#12.  Gratitude boosts your career.

#13.  Gratitude makes us more optimistic.

#14.  Gratitude helps us relax.

#15.  Gratitude increases our kindness.

There are two types of gratitude to experience:

#1.  There is gratitude FOR the things we have such as our family, friends, house, and health.

#2.  There is gratitude IN all things.  We’re grateful for all things, regardless of our circumstances.  Whatever experience is going on, we bless it.

Here’s how to schedule a gratitude-building habit:

The simplest way to practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal.

Make a habit of writing in your journal as part of your morning or bedtime routine just like brushing your teeth. 

Prompt:  “I am so happy and grateful for ________________, because ___________. 

Write down at least three things you’re grateful for that occurred during your day.  Include an explanation of WHY each item was personally important and benefited your life.

You can be grateful for people, experiences, possessions, special moments, and the things you take for granted.

I challenge you to commit to journaling for five minutes a day for the next 30 days without fail.

With any new habit, you may encounter obstacles along the way.  If you’re experiencing a particularly difficult situation or you’re angry or anxious then remember this is an especially beneficial time to practice gratitude.  The key is to pause, take a deep breath, and think about what is going well at that moment.

In summary, gratitude gives you a deeper and more enriching relationship with yourself and others when you focus on everything positive in your life.  Constantly looking around at all the amazing things in the world around you will increase your abundance and happiness in life.  

As you train your mind to focus on what you’re grateful for, the easier it will be to amplify what you truly desire to create in your life.

To an Abundant and Happy Life!

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