Do you ever feel down without knowing why? I want to teach you to change negative thoughts into positive ones so you’ll feel better.

Your Default Thoughts Create Your Reality

The narrative you tell yourself is born out of past experiences and society.  The default thinking can keep you stuck or move you forward to your potential.

However, you can amaze yourself when you shift the inner dialogue.  I’ll guide you through identifying and changing your negative default thoughts that silently create your feelings and actions. With only a few steps, we’ll create an awareness that encourages a shift in your inner dialogue. This shift promises to unlock feelings, actions, and results that resonate with the life you want to live.

How to Change Your Default Thoughts and Feel Better (Podcast)

How to Feel Better (YouTube)

What is Default Thinking?

Thoughts in your brain on the unconscious side.  It is automatic and can be sneaky.  The default mind wants to make sure you’re comforted. When anything is discomforting it will fight us.  

The good news is some of your default thoughts are positive and empowering.  They’re helping you to achieve what you want in life.  

However, we’re all humans and adopt some limiting and negative thoughts that are holding us back from our true potential.  

How you show up in the world what actions you’re taking and the results you’ve achieved are done with how you think and feel.

We as Humans Tend to Notice What We’re Doing or Not Doing

For example, if you consider yourself as a quitter and you never finish what you start.  You’re only looking at the actions you didn’t complete.  But the actions are connected to your thoughts and feelings.

You have control over what you’re thinking and feeling.

You, me, all of us picked up those thoughts from our upbringing, our environments, and society.  Give yourself grace when you learn that your negative thoughts got you to where you are now and how you got stuck.  

When we want to make changes in our lives, feel better, and have better habits, behaviors, and actions then we have to think different thoughts to get us there to our imagined future.

I like to think of it like brushing your teeth.  You’re never done brushing your teeth.  You don’t brush your teeth every day and then say, “Now that I’ve brushed my teeth this past month I don’t have to do it again.”  If you do then you’ll have rotten teeth and smelly breath.

And, the same goes for your brain.  Because you’re a human living the worldly experience your brain will have thoughts you don’t want.

The Brain is Sneaky

All the things we think are problems are our perception of how we see the world with our thoughts and feelings.  Most problems aren’t problems.  There are the facts and there are our opinions of the facts.

The point is your brain has picked up automatic thoughts that you may not even be aware of.  

The brain likes to be sneaky.  Rather than saying the obvious, the brain will send out subtle, low-grade thoughts that hurt you but you don’t realize them.  

 While you’re getting dressed this morning, you may not have been aware of a sneaky thought that says as you look at yourself in the mirror, “I wish my breasts didn’t droop.”

Here are some more examples of low-grade default thoughts:

“I don’t like the wrinkles on my face.”, “My hair is thinning and it sucks.”  “The cellulite on my hips is awful.”  “I wish my stomach weren’t poochy.”

Low-Vibration Thoughts

What happens is that place of feeling bad about yourself is a low-vibration thought.  And, low-vibration thoughts produce low-vibration feelings that don’t align with who we truly are. 

When we’re feeling a low-vibration feeling we tend to look at more of what’s wrong.  It makes the day-to-day experience worse and we are hurting ourselves. 

Essentially, we end up feeling frustrated and worried that we don’t want to.  And, we don’t know if our low-vibration thinking is causing these feelings.

We think these thoughts so fast as we look at ourselves in the mirror that we don’t even recognize they’re automatic and subconscious.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do is to Clean Up Those Unwanted Negative Thoughts.

How Do You Change Your Thoughts? 

Here is a 5 step process to change your thoughts:

  • Make space for your thoughts.  Human thinking is complex. Pay attention to your default thinking this next week with mindfulness.  Slow down and give yourself space to be the observer of your thoughts.  If there are thoughts you want to let go of you absolutely can.


  • Notice your thoughts.  You’ll become more aware of the mind when you know what you’re thinking while you’re thinking it.  You’re not noticing thoughts without judgment.


  • Hold your thoughts lightly.  What I want you to do is be curious and kind to yourself.  You aren’t beating yourself up over thoughts you’ve thought.  You aren’t broken and you don’t need to be fixed.

You treat yourself with love and compassion and allow yourself to observe your brain.

  • Practice the new thought.  Create intentional thoughts about what you want to believe.

You can make upgrades by thinking thoughts on purpose.  This is how you create the life you want instead of allowing the brain to use those default thoughts without effort.

  • Seek evidence for your new thought.  The evidence is the new results, taking different actions, and practicing new habits and behaviors.

This systematic approach provides practical tools to identify and understand your automatic thoughts.  When you understand you can reshape them and support your journey to living with joy and fulfillment.

You, my friend, hold the power to rewrite your mental scripts and, in doing so, transform your life.

More Resources:

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Check out the Mindset Makeover for some extra inspiration. Until next week’s episode, have fun nurturing your mindset. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

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