The beginning of a new year offers a unique opportunity for introspection and goal-setting. In Wendy Johnson’s latest podcast episode, she delves into the enriching practice of selecting a ‘word of the year.’ This single word serves as a powerful anchor, guiding your intentions and shaping your experiences throughout the year.

A Year of Milestones Through Self-Confidence

Wendy’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of this practice. Her word for the previous year, ‘self-confidence,’ fueled her through significant milestones, such as launching her podcast and overcoming the challenges of knee surgery. Her stories offer a compelling, relatable narrative, illustrating how a chosen word can navigate us through both triumphs and trials.

Letting Go of the Past

A crucial theme of the episode is the importance of freeing ourselves from past burdens to fully embrace future possibilities. Wendy emphasizes that releasing these mental constraints is essential for selecting a word that resonates deeply with our ambitions and has the potential to transform our reality.

The Power of Introspection

Listeners are encouraged to engage in deep introspection, guided by Wendy’s journaling prompts. This reflective exercise helps to identify a word that aligns with our deepest desires and the energy needed to achieve them. Wendy’s choice for the current year, ‘worthy,’ exemplifies how a well-chosen word can shift our self-perception and influence our time and effort allocation.

Exploring ‘Be-Do-Have’ vs. ‘Do-Have-Be’

Wendy contrasts two frameworks: the ‘be-do-have’ model and the ‘do-have-be’ model. The ‘be-do-have’ approach advocates embodying the essence of our chosen word, leading to actions and outcomes that naturally follow this state of being. In contrast, the ‘do-have-be’ model often results in a cycle of scarcity and temporary achievements. Wendy’s insights suggest that by first embodying our chosen word, we create a foundation for lasting change.

Commitment to Personal Evolution

The episode is not merely about selecting a word; it’s a guide to living intentionally. Wendy’s candid storytelling and methodical approach offer listeners a structured path to navigate the year with purpose. By choosing a word and committing to it, we can experience profound personal growth and fulfillment.


Choosing a ‘word of the year’ is more than an exercise; it’s a commitment to self-growth. Wendy Johnson’s episode offers the tools and inspiration to embark on this transformative journey. By engaging with her insights and following her guidance, listeners can craft a year of intentional living, marked by meaningful change and self-discovery. This episode is a call to embrace our worthiness and set sail on a voyage that promises not just success but also self-worth and enlightenment.

Final Note

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