Choose a Single Word that Encapsulates your Intentions and Aspirations

The beginning of a new year is not just about celebration; it is a pivotal moment for reflection and aspiration. This notion is the essence of Wendy Johnson’s latest podcast episode, where she delves into the practice of selecting a ‘word of the year.’ The concept is simple yet profound: choose a single word that encapsulates your intentions and aspirations for the upcoming year, a verbal talisman that guides your actions and shapes your experiences.

My 2023 Word of the Year Created a Year of Milestones

Wendy’s narrative forms the backbone of the episode as she recounts how the word ‘self-confidence’ guided her through a year filled with milestones, such as launching her podcast and navigating knee surgery. Her stories provide a relatable and intimate connection with the listener, making the process of choosing a word feel like a shared journey rather than a solitary endeavor.

Liberate Yourself from the Past

The episode dissects the tendency to carry the burdens of the past into the future. Wendy emphasizes the importance of releasing these constraints, allowing ourselves to explore the boundless potential of ‘what can be.’ This mental liberation is essential to select a word that not only resonates with our innermost ambitions but also holds the power to transform our reality.

Create Time for Introspection

Listeners are then invited to engage in introspection, as Wendy offers prompts for journaling and reflection. The aim is to identify a word that aligns with our desired achievements and the energy required to realize them. This exercise isn’t just about choosing a word; it’s about understanding the ‘why’ behind it. Wendy’s word for the year, ‘worthy,’ is presented as an example of a word that can shift one’s perception of self-value and dictate the allocation of time and effort.

The Contrast between Two Frameworks:  The ‘Be-Do-Have’ Model and the ‘Do-Have-Be’ Model

The practical implications of embodying a chosen word are further explored through the ‘be-do-have’ model. This framework suggests that by becoming the embodiment of our chosen word, we initiate a ripple effect that influences our actions and, consequently, the outcomes we manifest. Wendy contrasts this with the ‘do-have-be’ model, where goals are pursued from a standpoint of scarcity, often leading to fleeting results and self-defeating behaviors.

Make a Commitment to Your Personal Evolution

The podcast episode isn’t just about selecting a word; it’s a comprehensive guide to living with intention and purpose. Wendy’s candid revelations and the methodical approach she outlines provide a roadmap for listeners to navigate the year ahead with clarity and focus. By committing to a word and the ethos it represents, we can foster a year of significant growth and fulfillment.

Choosing a ‘word of the year’ is more than an exercise; it’s a commitment to personal evolution. Wendy Johnson’s episode offers the tools and inspiration needed to embark on this transformative journey. By engaging with her insights and following her guidance, listeners can craft a year of intentional living, marked by meaningful change and self-discovery. This episode is a call to embrace our worthiness and set sail on a voyage that promises not just success but also self-worth and enlightenment.

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