Are you feeling overwhelmed by the impending holiday season? Year after year, do you dread the stress and hustle that seem inevitable in the holidays? Well, it’s time for a change. This blog post, inspired by the latest podcast episode from On Trac Life Coaching, will explore five transformative tips that promise to change your holiday experience.

Focus on Desired Feelings

Firstly, it’s crucial to start with the end in mind. What are your desired feelings for the holiday season? Do you want to feel relaxed, joyful, connected, or maybe all three? Take time to envision how you want to feel at the end of the year. Write a brief description of what your ideal holiday looks like. By focusing on your desired feelings, you can tailor your holiday activities to achieve those emotions.

Eliminate ‘Baah Humbugs’

The next step is to eliminate the ‘Baah Humbugs’ – those obligations, expectations, or traditions that bring you down.  Are you tired of sending out hundreds of Christmas cards? Do you dread the thought of maxing out your credit cards on gifts? Identify what’s dragging you down and eliminate those aspects from your holidays. Remember, your holiday experience should align with your values and desires, not societal expectations.

Create your ‘Delight List’

Next, create your ‘Delight List’.  This list should include activities, people, and places that bring joy. Maybe it’s baking cookies with your children, attending a holiday concert, or spending time with loved ones. Prioritize these delightful activities and let them guide your holiday plans.

Break the Rules

The fourth tip is to break the rules. Yes, you heard it right! If there are traditions that no longer serve you, it’s time to let them go. You can redefine your holiday experience, even if it means breaking away from long-held family traditions. They should be on what brings you joy and peace, not on what’s always been done.

Redefine Gift-Giving

Finally, let’s redefine gift-giving. It’s not about how much money you spend on a gift, but the thoughtfulness behind it. Consider giving the gift of time or experiences, rather than just material possessions. After all, the most memorable gifts are often those that come from the heart.

The holiday season doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming. Implementing these five tips can revolutionize your holiday experience, making it a time of joy, peace, and connection. So, are you ready to embrace an extraordinary holiday season? Join our community at for more insights and support on your journey toward a joyful celebration.

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