In this video, I’m talking to you about five ways to declutter your life.

Would you like to move from the feeling of overwhelm to peace of mind?

If so, then this video is for you. Many people suffer from overwhelm. You are not alone with the feelings of not enough time, too many decisions to make, an overscheduled calendar, and too much stuff in your home.

Clutter is anything that keeps you from living the life you were meant to lead. Clutter shows up in five areas of your life, physical, digital, mental, emotional, and spiritual space.

What I want for you is to live an intentional life that is simple and free from overwhelm and the feelings of procrastination, guilt, shame, fear, and isolation.

I’ll be covering five ways to declutter your life.

1. Get rid of stuff

2. Clear out your digital space

3. Prioritize your most important activities

4. Let go of thoughts

5. Put downtime into your schedule

To help you, I’ve created a free guide called The 10 Principles to Design a Life You Love that will walk you through the steps to have clarity on your dreams and goals.

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